The Journey Records Are Opened!

The Journey Records Are Opened!

After many failed attempts to reach any sustainable financial income from online business or stick to any plan long enough to see any result.

My good fortune has made me stumble on Dean’s Holland mentorship program,”Quick Start Challenge”. A program geared to set you up for success in the online business within a 30 day.
As straightforward as his first-week assignment was, (writing a personal blog post and recording progress).
Dean’s emphasis on writing in honest and down the earth manner was scary!
While everyone online is selling the dream boasting their great achievement.
Writing the truth about humble beginnings and zero earnings is sure against the world common sense!

Trying to take the first step, and all my demons broke loose, my computer stopped connecting to the internet, my iPad was locked and even my boy’s electronic toy watch had hanged!
Sooner my procrastination habits kicked in and I spent all day wrestling distraction to set up the blog, but avoiding the reason for it, writing the post!
Finally, I decided just to write the damn thing at 01:00 am morning.

As per today 25th of August 2017, my income from the online business is Zero $.
I’m ashamed to confess how much did I spend acquiring software, courses, and plugins that I didn’t pursue to fruition!
My only consolation is that I’ve still learned lots of concepts. (It took me a couple of hours to build my blog today!)

I find now, within myself the energy and the knowledge to shift gears from learning mode to doing mode!

My target within the next month of September is to make 100$.

I’m halting all other trials and concentrating on that course and will record every step of the way.
Not sure if any would read that, but I would appreciate your comments.


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  1. Dear Wessam,
    I LOVE it!!It’s a great start and it’s so honest and so human. I have to admit that I am much further behind than you are with this task, but your industry has inspired me to GET ON WITH IT and stop procrastinating! I think your goal of $100 dollars is a really good one- and I am wondering if maybe I should copy it!!
    I wish you every success online. I feel sure that now you have started, you will soon see results!

  2. Hi…. those blessed gremlins!!! How often have I worked for hours on the computer only to see it crash and all that work go down the pan.

    Thanks so much for being so open and honest. Wow, what a task, from $0 to $100 in a month. It took me about three months to see my first sale, which was arounf $30. I really hope you make it… but if not, dont worry, keep going, this is a marathon for must of us, not a sprint.

  3. great stuff! I love that you are boldly stating your goals! We’ve all experienced things going wrong, breaking down and just being totally illogical! Happens all the time! You taken action and thats what counts, all the best in your online journey!

  4. I thought that was good as far as it went. It’s a common enough story taking ages to make a dime,and for me it’s been the same deal. But hell,in the end the Card debt mounts and you can only go one way and claw it back so success has to logically be a step down the line.Rock on,bro!

  5. Sam, I quite enjoyed your post and you are obviously being yourself. Well done! Congratulations on NOT letting all the nasty surprises that seem to hit at regular intervals (in my experience anyway) stop you from going forward.

    I am interested in hearing how you progress as I am on a similar journey.

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