About Us

In the Greek mythology, The King of Crete has locked Daedalus in the tower after he created the Labyrinth. But Daedalus has skilfully created wings to escape and he gave his son Icarus a pair of wings with instructions…

Hi, I’m Sam, I am also Daedalus who taught Icarus to escape the Labyrinth.

I am building my Freedom Wings to escape the new age Labyrinth maze. To escape the rat race.

Ok, that really sounds cool right 🙂

So I’m Sam Adel, an airline pilot for the last 23 years. I have almost grown up wings and lost legs flying.

I’ve finally decided to settle down on dear planet earth and slow down flying and build my retirement egg nest.

If you are a professional yourself, you know how little time we have for anything else other than our jobs. I sometimes feel it is like the Labyrinth maze, more work, more frustration, less quality of life and less time to do anything else, that leads to more frustration and so on…

I’ve been trying for so long to escape the rat race, but finally found what seems to be the road map out.

I’ve tried and researched many possibilities. I found that most promises out there are selling the dream of financial freedom. With one target in place, to separate you from your money.

A good business model must have essential qualities, and stable foundation, otherwise, the risk of failure is huge. And most professionals and non-entrepreneurs trials of escape end up in failure and in deeper financial bondage.

So I’ve built my blog to record my plans, educate you and hopefully, it might help you too.

I’ve made many crash landing trying! So remember Icarus, who didn’t listen to his father Daedalus advise and ended up drowning in the sea. So stay close and listen diligently. I promise never to deceive you!

I’ll always try my wings before I give you a pair!